Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince – Boston Terrier Owner

A partner in Elmhurst Animal Care Center in Elmhurst, Illinois, Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince has been a veterinary practitioner since 1984. In addition to his decades of experience serving animal and pet owners throughout Chicagoland, Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince is a pet enthusiast who owns two dogs. His pet Belle is descended from the American breed Boston terrier, which was given the nickname American gentleman in reference to its gentle disposition.

The breed originated circa 1870 when Robert C. Hooper of Boston acquired an imported English bulldog from William O’Brien and mated it with his own female white Terrier. After further careful breeding in the ensuing two decades, the breed had become popular enough that the American Bull Terrier club was founded for the benefit of the breed and its owners. At the time, the breed was still known as either round heads or bull terriers. Due to the objections of owners of American Kennel Club (AKC)-registered terriers at that time, the club changed the breed name to Boston terrier and its organizational name to The Boston Terrier Club of America in 1891. Subsequently, the club was admitted to the AKC and the breed officially recognized as distinct in 1893.


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