Kennel Cough in Dogs

Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince serves as a partner at Elmhurst Animal Care Center in Illinois. As a veterinarian, he provides care to beloved family pets and strives to help them live long and happy lives. Among Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince’s areas of expertise are common pet diseases, such as kennel cough.

Kennel cough is a condition that affects many dogs at some point in their lives. It is highly contagious and often spreads in areas where many dogs are housed together, such as kennels (hence the name “kennel cough”). It affects dogs’ respiratory systems and can result in a variety of symptoms. Possible symptoms include a hacking cough and retching. The dog might also make a honking sound when coughing. The condition might be caused by a variety of viruses.

If a pet owner suspects kennel cough, he or she should take the dog to a veterinarian. The condition is often most serious in young dogs, who do not yet have fully developed immune systems, and older dogs, whose immune systems are no longer in peak condition.

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