Medication Services at Elmhurst Animal Care

For the last 25 years, Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince has practiced as a board-certified small animal veterinarian. He presently works as a veterinarian and partner at the Elmhurst Animal Care Center in Illinois. Having earned his DVM at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince is well versed in the use of medications in treating his animal patients.

The Elmhurst Animal Care Center offers pet owners a wide variety of services, ranging from preventive primary care to canine day care. The center also meets the diverse pharmaceutical needs of owners and their pets, running an on-site, full-service pharmacy capable of filling most prescriptions in a short period of time.

In addition to dispensing commercially prepared medications, the Elmhurst Animal Care Center can customize its medicine through compounding services in order to meet the specific needs of each animal. Compounding services include adjusting the method of delivery and refining dosage options. Compounding pharmacists can even change the taste of a pill to a flavor more enjoyable to the animal being treated. Beyond traditional medications and parasite prevention options, the center provides medication that assists in dieting, skin and coat care, and general nutrition.