Dog Skin Problems That Require a Vet Appointment


Board certified in small animal practice, Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince has treated companion animals for more than 25 years. Dr. Joel Todd Leroy Prince is a staff veterinarian at Elmhurst Animal Care Center, which offers pet bathing for routine grooming and treatment for allergies and skin conditions.

There are more than 150 skin conditions that can afflict dogs. For this reason, it is important to bring the dog to the vet at the first sign of irritation. Some of the most urgent conditions include symptoms such as:

Hair loss – Dogs can develop bald patches due to any number of ailments, including a mite infestation or a chronic disorder. It’s best to bring a dog displaying hair loss to a veterinarian for a full examination, rather than waiting for the condition to improve on its own.

Yeast – A dog’s skin always contains some yeast, but an overgrowth results in itchiness, thickened skin, and a foul odor. Yeast is usually due to an underlying problem, such as overactive oil glands or a genetic disposition. A vet can help determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Open Sores – Large red sores, also known as dermatitis, should always be examined by a veterinarian. Some sources of dermatitis, like scabies, are contagious and should be addressed immediately to avoid contaminating other animals.

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